Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Top 3 Most Anticipated Games from E3 2012, Part 3 of 3.


Every year when E3 rolls around, I am usually excited. However, it’s mostly for the showing of the big three publishers. Sure EA, Activision and Ubisoft have some awesome experiences, but the Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo’s line-ups are what usually dominate my excitement leading up to the event. This year was a bit different. Sony managed to give me two games to be excited for. One was a complete, yet welcomed surprise (Beyond: Two Souls) and the other, basically a confirmation of my steadily rising excitement (The Last of Us). When Ubisoft took the stage at this year’s E3, I was expecting lots of awkward blabber and a showing of some of their moneymaking franchises (Assassins Creed & Far Cry). I was not expecting them to reveal a new IP that would actually send chills up my spine, but that’s exactly what Watch_Dogs did.

The premise of Watch_Dogs revolves around a computer system (ctOS) that controls everything around us, including the cities we live in. Ubisoft, with the above video poses the question, “If computers control our cities, who controls the computers?” I was immediately hooked; they were blurring the line between my reality and fantasy. These are the kind of conspiracy theories I’ve debated about quite often in recent years. Don’t you just love it when it all comes together? I do!

The name's Pierce, Aiden Pierce.

Watch_Dogs is an open-world, action adventure set in a fictionalized version of Chicago. The game follows Aiden Pierce, an “anti-hero” of sorts, who can take control of the city and use it as a weapon. I know what you might be thinking, “an open-world city to explore”, hmm haven’t I played this game like a billion times? Well, I love games, but if you’ve played any game a billion times you probably no longer have hands. Anyways, check out the gameplay below and if you are not intrigued, then I guess I am wrong and I except defeat.

Was that club awesome or what? Did you see that security guard get “handled”? What about when he saved that kid from the Lion? Okay, so there was no Lion, but did you feel the vibe of this game? How Aiden was able to get a bio of the NPC’s around him. They are not just there, existing to fill the world; each person in the game has some sort of back-story, a life if you will. The ways we will be able to interact with the city and its inhabitants has me excited. I have a lot of information on my phone; old voicemails, text messages, pictures, etc. I am willing to bet many of you do as well. What do you think would happen if someone were able to walk around with a device of their own and essentially hack-in to our devices to siphon information from them? Let’s just say I’d rather be the guy doing the hacking.

Grand Theft Assassins from the makers of Splinter Cell

Yes, you will still be using your standard hand cannons and boom sticks to get the job done, but the on stage demo shows both lethal and not-so-lethal means of combat. For example, wasn’t that traffic pile-up insane, yet tactical? And what about his melee weapon? That shows we can use non-lethal force, right? Let’s just hope Ubisoft gives us some choice in the matter, which would just make this game even batter than it already seems. This is a modern game, so you know there is multiplayer. I know what you’re thinking, “something does not belong”, but I implore you to remember the Demo. Remember how another character took over at the end of the Demo? Well, that was another player. So, imagine the possibilities. 

Everything is connected

There are still many questions to be answered about Watch_Dogs, but this is what keeps us excited until the game actually comes out or more announcements are made. Questions like, what the NPC’s information can be used for as we learn about them? Also, and more importantly, when is this gaming coming out? Speaking of which, that is the scary part. The demo was running on a “high-end” PC, and is promised to release on PS3, 360 and PC in 2013. However, many believe or more accurately fear, that this will be a “Next-Gen title”. That would suck because it means we would have to wait longer to play the game, but if it’ll look that gorgeous. Bring on the Next-Gen. Also, what about Multiplayer? During the demo and interviews following the developers made sure not to divulge any detailed information on Multiplayer. This is without a doubt to keep us excited for their game, but can you blame them?

So what did you think of Watch_Dogs? Is this a game you could see yourself playing? Are the apparent similarities to GTA a turn-off? I have posted a few links below where journalists in the industry give their take on Watch_Dogs. These links contain a bit more pieces of information on the game, especially the first one that gives some insight on multiplayer.

Want more info on Watch_Dogs check out these links.

Also, check back here on Wednesday as I describe what I hope to be Watch_Dogs’ Multiplayer experience. Trust me it’s awesome!